Did you know that all of our ebgo bikes are UL 2849 certified. We are one of the first ebike company to implement this certification to out lineup for maximum safety. We are commited to offer the most advanced and safest product on the market.


  • I would highly recommend Ebgo bikes. Their customer service is superior! I had an issue with some damage I did to my bike and they bent over backwards trying to fix it from afar. I can't say enough about their support!
  • We bought two EBGO ebikes, for me and my wife. These ebikes exceeded our expectations by a wide margin. They were very well made and nicely equipped. We are only going to add mirrors as I cannot turn my head very well. What is most impressive is going up hill! These make biking fun again. We have friends with Trek ebikes and they paid double what ours cost and we do not see a single advantage over ours (plus ours look better). the controls are excellent, the motor is so quiet I cannot hear it at all. The only sound is slight and from the tires humming on the asphalt. We shopped around and found these are the best ebike for your dollar! We retired to a hilly area and stopped bike riding because going up hill is no fun at all. Now we're out more and exercising more and enjoying biking again.
  • Never have I seen a company with better customer support. EBGO stands by its product (and it's an excellent product). This is the best bicycle I have ever owned and one of the best purchases I have ever made. I can't recommend it highly enough!


We partnered up with bike shops all around Canada to ensure good customer support. Our team of ebike specialist is there for you.