Founded in 2013, Distrik is a Victoriaville-based family business that designs, manufactures and distributes electric bikes that are as attractive as they are affordable, under the EBGO and EBZE brands.

Passionate, attentive and motivated by the creation of added value, our team is proud to be able to offer incomparable value for money as well as unparalleled customer service.

We are Ebgo,

for over 10 years now, a proud manufacturer of e-bikes for all. Always designed with the user in mind, whatever their purpose, generation, or destination. And always, powered by stellar customer service: the promise at the core of our reputation.

We’re a family business that wants to be part of our planet’s solution. How? By raising the quantity and quality of options available for people wanting to take action. By inviting them to help accelerate a decisive energy transition in the face of climate change. And by offering the prospect of both a healthier world, and healthier life for all who call it home.

Fact is, the electric bike’s no longer a fad or fashion. It's a proven way forward. A way which, like us, is making a difference. And a way which for us means constantly advancing towards global goals by delivering on what we do best: developing durable, affordable, and fun-to-ride bikes, with all the purpose-built power and clean-world promise that people today are seeking whether on a campsite trail getaway, that long climb to the trendy café, or picking up the kids on a weekday.

No matter how you ride, frequently or full-out, occasionally or just for fun, or from home-to-work-to-home again: wherever you go, go Ebgo.


Proudly and responsibly

We combine our entrepreneurial skills and family values to play a positive role in our community. Through donations, partnerships, or sponsorships, we take concrete action that helps various organizations do better, gain momentum, or achieve more, in pursuit of their mission.

As a team, we have established the parameters of our donation and sponsorship policy, revolving around two key issues: mental health and food security. In so doing, we better focus our interventions for greater clarity and consistency in our decisions, and in the differences we make.


Decisive support. Greater impact.

Because we can never help as many organizations as we'd like, we unfortunately have to make choices about which ones to support. In order to navigate this often delicate and difficult process, we’ve set ourselves criteria to better assess the potential for a match between our organization and those we select.

To meet these criteria, a candidate must:
  • Be a non-profit or philanthropic organization working in the fields of mental health or food security.

  • Have a well-established donation, partnership, or sponsorship plan, including clear objectives, concrete means, and performance indicators.

  • Be able to formulate in a simple and sensible way the various factors that make us, in the candidate’s opinion, a relevant partner choice, beyond the obvious monetary aspects.


Are you looking for a professional challenge that matches your personal values? By joining the Ebgo or Distrik team, you'll not only be part of a human, authentic and dynamic team, but you'll also be making a concrete difference in the fight against climate change by accelerating the energy transition. As a fast-growing company, we offer a stimulating work environment with many opportunities and a warm atmosphere. Just look at Jérôme's smile, voted best smile east of Victoriaville three years in a row, and you'll understand just how much fun we have every day!

Are you interested? We've got to talk! And even if no positions are posted, we're always interested in quality profiles... so send us your CV at PC!