Get the ebgo+ extended warranty

Extend your peace of mind with the EBGO Extended Warranty, available now. This exclusive offer provides extra protection for your EBGO electric bike, covering essential components for an extended period.


  • 2 years on the bike: Extended coverage for the mechanical and electrical components of your EBGO bike.
  • 3 years on the battery: Extended warranty to ensure optimum performance of your battery for an extended period.
  • 5 years on the frame: Protect the structural integrity of your bike with an extended frame warranty.


  • The EBGO extended warranty must be activated within 30 days of purchase to be valid.
  • One-time fee of 250$ + taxes for the full duration of the warranty.
  • Confirm the warranty and complete the warranty form, which will be sent to you within 72 working hours.

For full details of the extended warranty, please consult the following document by by clicking here.